Devon Sawa will co-star in ‘Life on the Line’ with John Travolta and Kate Bosworth


John Travolta, Kate Bosworth and Devon Sawa will star in the action drama “Life on the Line,” which is being directed by David Hackl, it was announced Monday by producers Marro Films and Elite Film Productions.

Story follows a crew of eccentric linemen who do the dangerous high-wire work of fixing the electrical grid as they struggle to hold on to the women they love until a massive storm threatens to rip their lives apart.

Primo Brown, Dylan Scott and Peter Horton wrote the film, which is being produced by Marvin Peart and Phillip Glasser, and executive produced by Chad Dubea.

Production starts next week in Vancouver for six weeks, and the film is budgeted between $10 million and $12 million.

“The last film made in and around the lineman industry was in 1937, ‘Slim the Lineman,’ and starred Henry Fonda,” said Marro Films CEO Marvin Peart. “It’s an honor and a career highlight to tell this modern-day story about these unsung heroes. With John Travolta, Kate Bosworth and Devon Sawa lending their extraordinary talents to this project, the sky’s the limit.”

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