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Nikita: Coming Back to Help


A/N: Anon gave a non-fandom-specific prompt with the quote “Everywhere she goes people chat to her…” This drabble focuses on Alexandra Udinov from Nikita and is set post-series finale.

Italics indicate the dialogue is in Russian because I don’t know the language, and I’m not going to mutilate it by running sentences through Google translate and the like.

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Everywhere she goes people talk to her.

They call her an inspiration. They call her a hero. They call her a role model.

Alex doesn’t feel like any of those things.

She’s grown more comfortable in her role as a human rights ambassador, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s a 22 year old who’s spent a significant portion of the last 9 years running, lost and confused.

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"You still don’t remember any of it [your past]?"

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"First Nikita; now you."
"What’s that?"

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